making mac usable

1. almost all linux shortcuts work by replacing Control with Command. try shift+cmd+t to get the browser tab that you just closed. ctrl+click = right click.

2. never use (x – +) for windowing. cmd+w to close, cmd+q to quit. create a shortcut to maximize a window.

3. remove all items from the dock except the ones you absolutely need.

Control + Click -> Options -> unmark Keep in Dock

5. move the dock to the left and auto hide. i like it this way.

6. mission control (on F3) and launchpad (on F4) are available as keys. can be removed from the dock.

7. install chrome and add it to the dock. (see 1 to add).

8. enable scroll bars at all times.

9. get CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to navigate terminal tabs.



while writing this on tumblr, i noticed this button next to Publish which helps us edit the related tweet. useful!

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