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NPTEL’s website and their youtube account provide access to lots of online lectures for engineering courses.

Amrita University is the venue for one of the ACM-ICPC regional tournaments. they in partnership with Infosys seem to have organized a programming contest camp in 2010. videos are available here. (by a company called Directi), is a website where people can participate in programming contests. they seem to be actively involved in the ICPC events in India.

programming contests

I first learnt to program when I was 11 years old. At a govt aided school in a small town. I mean, it was easily forced down my throat without me even having to be some “special kid who is into computers”. Now 19 years later, 6 of which spent exclusively learning computer science and another 7 spent practicing it, i’m starting out as a newbie in programming contests.

Why, why didn’t I participate in these contests all this while? Heck, at the very least, it would have made thousands of those boring hours interesting. And I would have been a better programmer now.

If you are reading this, please do yourself a favor and participate in the contests at topcoder, codeforces, codechef, interview street, codejam, acm icpc etc.

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