new mantra – stay relevant!

ok, i’m writing this post merely to get back into the habit of writing!
i’m taking few classes online (DAA, NLP and planning to audit PGM) and this has re-introduced me to lots of stuff that i had forgotten. like say Master method or dynamic programming.
i also read too many blog posts these days on all kinds of technologies. its confusing!
all this makes me wonder, what skills should a software engineer keep honing, in order to continue plying his/her trade?
1. languages – be multi-lingual to make use of libraries
2. coding – problem solving methods, programming paradigms, basic code hygiene
3. libraries – both data structures and algorithm implementations
4. system design – frameworks, architectures, design patterns
5. science in the domain – machine learning, nlp, network programming etc
now, how does one keep honing these above skills?

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