cpp things to remember

1. to check if a file exists, use stat (apparently an overkill)


bool FileExists(const std::string& file_name) {
struct stat stat_struct;
if (0 == stat(file_name.c_str(), stat_struct))
return true;
return false;

re-narration web

at the androidcamp yday, i listened to a talk on renarration web by Dinesh, who is interested in accessibility. he talked about his work on a11y.in.

the idea seems simple. you go to a page, think you want to add some more to it. then, just go to your blog, write something abt it, then it link it back to the original page using the code provided by Dinesh and co. its based on rewriting portions of the page using select html tags. now anyone who visits the original page and has some ally extension installed, will be informed “alternative narrations exist” for this page.

this alternative narration can be anything from 1. text for the disabled, 2. simple english, 3. translations in other languages, 4. adding links to other related images, videos, articles etc.


now, imagine the wiki-wars being solved by this kind of alternative narration facility. or suggesting a confusing wikipedia article to your friends embedded with your own notes posted in your blog.


taking this further, how about adding tweets to a wiki article? something like wiki-in-a-gist?

ps: when i signed into blogger to post this, it offered 5 dynamic views of my blog which the users can choose from. and the “Blog This!” extension page took me to a page which itself has something called Sidewiki! oh, well.

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