naive bayes language classifier

gonna write a naive bayes lang classifier today. already have code for finding bi-grams, tri-grams and whole words. i also have code for utf8 script detection. so only latin and other related characters will be part of the input.

let me start by implementing this course project.

ok, its done. what next?

enabling wireless on ubuntu lucid for lenovo ideapad netbook

i installed ubuntu lucid LTS on my new lenovo ideapad (s10-3s) recently.

i think i didn’t enable restricted drivers while installing and becos of which wireless won’t work.

1. plugged my netbook to the wired network.

sudo apt-get remove –purge bcmwl-modaliases

to remove existing broadcom support.

2. enabled all the sources.

System -> Update Manager -> Settings

3. and reinstalled broadcom drivers again.

sudo apt-get install bcmwl-modaliases broadcom-sta-common

4. now, wireless still won’t work right away but we are close.

clicked on the network connections applet on the panel and its said that restricted drivers are available and that i can install them. oh, please. the driver is downloaded and its all done.

makefile phony target for subdirs

SUBDIRS = foo bar baz
.PHONY: subdirs $(SUBDIRS)
subdirs: $(SUBDIRS)
  $(MAKE) -C $@
shall always be used in place of
SUBDIRS = foo bar baz
  for dir in $(SUBDIRS); do 
    $(MAKE) -C $$dir; 

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